Bringing hope to the children of Himalayas

From each of your purchase,  1$ goes to funding in educating children in poor and remote areas of Nepal.

Our research has revealed staggering death rates in economically deprived regions of Nepal, It has got even worse after they got hit by the earthquake on 2015. Moksha is working to improve the lives of these children by bringing medical aid, education, and clean water to children who have little chance of survival amongst such difficult conditions.

We believe every child should get access to the basic quality education. & no child should live their life in misery due to lack of education.

Moksha focuses its efforts among those in the Himalayan area that are the most remote, and therefore, have the least access to medical assistance, clean water, and education and are most at risk of child labor and human trafficking. People living in the remote mountainous districts on Nepal’s northern area are those most in need of assistance. It is on the people living in these remote mountain villages that we place our focus. We aim to stop the cycle of suffering and enable children of those regions and bring some hope for them. 

There are many factors that keep the people living in remote Himalayan villages in a cycle of suffering and poverty. The urgent issues to be solved are.

  •  24,000 children die before the age of 5 every year in Nepal
  •  An estimated 229,000 people are in modern day slavery and 23,600 individuals are trafficked, missing or victims of an attempted trafficking each year.
  • Children start working at age of 5 which keeps most of the children from attending school.

We Believe education breaks the cycle of suffering and leads to lasting transformation. Due to lack of education in remote villages of Nepal villagers are unaware of sanitation and hygiene issues that lead to disease and sickness. They are more vulnerable to trafficking and more susceptible to child labour. They don't have any hope for their future. Education is the key that breaks this cycle of suffering.

By purchasing from Moksha, customers like you have helped to educate 5000 children from rural Nepal.

Moksha believes that education is key in equipping a new generation with the tools for lasting transformation. Nothing will bring lasting change more quickly and more effectively than bringing education to the children of the Himalayas. 84% of Himalayan children live in remote villages and are deprived of even the most basic education. Teacher training and curriculum development are integral parts of the success of education in the Himalayas. 

Moksha is equipping indigenous teachers through Training and through local partnerships to empower new educators with various resources, tools and support necessary for academic success. Empowering remote village schools makes sense and brings lasting transformation to the home and future of the children in these areas.

Moksha partners with public and private schools to provide education to the remote villages of the Himalayas. In some locations, schools do not exist. In some, schools exist but teachers are absent. In some other locations, schools lack clean water and sanitation to keep students healthy. Moksha is working to help build schools and infrastructures where they do not exist, support teachers in remote villages, subsidise the education of needy students, provide educational materials, and provide clean water for students and faculty.