About Us

Namaste! I am Sushil born raised in the Lap of Himalayas of Nepal. In Nepal  Yoga, Meditation and spiritual well-being is a part of our daily life and  very important part of our culture. We are also well known for handcrafts. So I set out to create a business inspired by a passion to produce beautiful and exceptional handcrafted quality products that would focus on our greatest asset, our health and enhance our physical and spiritual well-being. 

While our modern world is promoting quick-fix magic diets and pills to make you so called“healthy”. We in Moksha want to offer our customers eco-friendly sustainable handcrafted products that have no negative side effects. Most of our products are designed to last a lifetime giving you only positive results. Our Holistic products are well designed to nourish the body, mind, and soul. We believe that this is the ultimate path to a healthier and happier you.

What is Moksha?

We are part of the holistic health movement. A mindful and intuitive way of healing and thriving. We don’t believe in “health” fads, and we don’t believe that chemicals, artificial ingredients, and toxic substances should be part of everyday life.

In fact, we want to show you how good you can feel by using natural, eco-friendly products that ARE good for you and DO deliver lasting results, without harmful side effects.

Our products are created with one goal in mind - a healthier and happier you. Whether it’s though increased energy, less stress, or pain relief, we believe that each our products will bring more health and happiness to your life, and the lives of those you care about most.

Our Mission

To provide eco-friendly, innovative and Handcrafted products for the practice of yoga, meditation and the enjoyment of its lifestyle. 

Our Value

We always strive our best to provide the following:

  • Consistent high standards of quality in all of our products
  • Outstanding service in receiving, processing, and shipping
  • Treatment of our customers as valued, long-term friends
  • Giving our employees a great environment to work and grow


Our Inspiration

We are motivated by the tradition of yoga, meditation and the spiritual well being and its good impact on the life of people!

 We are here to nourish your bodies and souls!