What we can learn from the Incredible results after sending children to meditation instead of detention.

“Inhale in deep”
“exhale and out”

What is a consequence if your child act up in school? Do they get detention or get suspended? A far physical and healthier approach to discipline can be meditation and yoga. Few schools are implementing Yoga and Meditation for discipline and getting incredible results. The school has reported increased concentration, reduced problem makers and only single suspension . If children act out, they are sent to a Mindful Moment Room where they calm down with breathing exercises and yoga, then they spend some time reflecting on their mistakes by talking things out with a staff member.

Robert W. Coleman elementary school in West Baltimore is using meditation instead of traditional punishments. The school says the program has helped reduce behaviour problems. Kids are saying they got really happy because they got that meditation. The opportunity to meditate helps kids look inside themselves, taking the energy that is negative and refocusing it to something that’s very positive. In this school meditation is a way of life and have yoga classes during and after school.

We all know suspension is not a good thing which sends children back to the same neighbourhood where there are little chances of improvement. This school comes up with the idea of meditation. The student who disrupt class are sent to meditation room rather than detention. There are trained staff members to help them through breathing exercise and self regulate themselves. Whether it’s anger, stress, frustration, your heart rate increases and you can use your breath to slow everything down. You are not as impulsive, you’re not as reactionary and you are able to respond to whatever scenario happens to present itself.

If your child acts out at home or has trouble managing his anger, trying some meditation and mindfulness at home might help. Take "brain break." Parents can encourage kids to break from homework or another stressful situation and take a deep breath and calm themselves for three to five minutes to quiet their minds, be present, and just focus. Practice the mindful awareness while doing daily activities such as walking and eating, teach your kids to truly be in that moment. Do it with them. Set the example for your kids by taking few moments a day to close your eyes and notice your breath, your thoughts, your emotions, and your body sensations, with kindness and curiosity.

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