How to read your energy while meditating?


You might be meditating for a while or thinking of meditating. You might have heard or read those fascinating stories of you can feel the whole Universe inside you and so on. But are you the one who is struggling to meditate or can’t see anything when you close your eyes? Or if you are curious in meditation and meditative techniques, You are in the right place.

 meditation energy reading

Lets dive in directly to the topic. We use our senses to perceive and know the outer world. We see things and colors, hear sounds, feel and touch things. If you want to take a look at your inner state you have to be equipped with a whole different set of perception skills. You use your five senses to perceive our outer world but the same senses do not apply to the inner world. Instead, the best possible option you are left with is the feelings in our body. when trying to “feel” your way through our inner world is a mix of interesting bodily sensations and feelings. People feel these as sensations in different parts of their body like a lump in their throat, or a sense of heaviness in their chest or a general sense of lightness and joy. 


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When you meditate, remember to make a mental note of the sensation you have in your body. If you are doing this for the first time, it will be hard to find right words to describe the feelings. It’s something like how you struggle to find the right words to describe the taste of red wine which you just sipped. But stick with this exercise over time and it’ll get easier and easier for you. I’m not asking that you describe your inner state in words, although that is certainly what many will be tempted to do. We have been so conditioned to use physical words to describe our inner emotions and feelings. What can actually be described in physical terms turns out to be only a very small subset of the emotions which we can feel. Feelings such as joy, happiness, anger, or sadness are some of the words that we love to use to express certain feelings that we have every single day… but what about all the feelings in between which are indescribable? What about feelings for which there are no words to adequately describe? There are feelings which can’t be properly expressed in words.


Another objection that may come up is “but there is nothing there!” When the beginners of meditation close their eyes and turn their attention inwards, are often unable to sit still for long without their stream of thoughts somehow returning to objects, people and events on the outside. They say that there is nothing on the inside to focus on. Everything is just bleak darkness and emptiness. This is because we are still trying to use our five senses to perceive the inner world. Remember, inner world cannot be perceived through our five senses. If you are trying to “see” the inner world with your ordinary sense of sight, of course it’ll all be dark because there is no physical “place” which you can set your sights upon. In the same manner, there is no physical location which you can place your nose to smell, and no physical location which you can reach out to touch. The closest to using your sense of touch to “feel” the inner world would be to “feel” the physical sensations in different parts of your body. That’s why most people often start there, as it is the easiest place to start.


Close your eyes as you tune in to your inner state and cut out as much of the outside input as possible. While keeping your eyes closed, focus on your breathing and feel the sensations in different parts of your body. Most people will almost instantly start to feel goose bumps running all over their body and a sense of energy shoot up their spine. They will start to feel pleasurable sensations running all over them.

This is our perception of the inner state using our sense of touch. Our inner states are not the goose bumps, or the energetic feelings themselves. Rather, these feelings and goose bumps are our translations and perceptions of this energy. Congratulations! If you have made it this far, you have taken the first step to reading your own energy! 


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